Our Self Perception

The Laasenhof Resort stands for welcoming, humanity and democracy.
Our world view is based on togetherness and respect for every individual.
We are a supporting partner of Aktion Zivilcourage e.V.

– The employees with Katrin Ebert and Karsten Scholz


We pay as much attention as possible to regional, resource-saving products. Wherever we can, we use the products that require the least amount of energy, packaging and transportation.

We work with many regional suppliers in the catering sector:


Bohse bakery from Struppen

Adoratio chocolate manufacturer from Thürmsdorf

Rathmannsdorf trout farm

Ermisch fish farm from Neustadt

Fiedler milk farm from Wehlen

Beekeeping Hickmann from Pirna

Poultry farm from Struppen


On sunny days, we cover a large part of our electricity consumption with our own photovoltaic systems. We also use these to operate the e-car charging stations in the lower parking lot. We have installed a heat recuperator from the cold stores and the kitchen to produce hot water in the sauna.

Laasenhof Resort

In the course of Time


Purchase of the empty plot of land by the Pirna merchant Hickmann


Construction of the residential building
later agricultural use of the surrounding land, e.g. by August Kunath
Frequent change of ownership in the following period


Purchase of the property by the Dresden architect Carl Ernst Stephan
Redesign of the residential building to its current basic form,
The house serves the Stephan family as a weekend and summer residence,
The commercial part of the building and the land are rented out
The farm is run with 2 horses or 1-2 oxen and 2-3 dairy cows.


Construction of the outbuilding


the Laasenhof becomes the permanent residence of the Stephan family


Death of the last owner, Mrs. Alice Stephan
Transfer of the entire property to state ownership, sale and division of the property
Takeover of the main building by the Rosswein PGH (three craft businesses), conversion into a factory holiday home


Construction of the bungalow (today the “Sonnenschein” bungalow)


Ferienheim Laasenhof GbR acquires ownership of the buildings

1997 - 1999

Extensive reconstruction and modernization, expansion of the Laasenhof
into a public guesthouse with restaurant, vaulted cellar, 9 guest rooms and 1 bungalow.


Roof renewal and renovation of the facade


Renovation of the bungalow


The property is sold to a family from Dresden
Modernization of the terrace

2011 - 2012

Extensive construction work on the first floor of the main house with the addition of a conservatory, new construction and extension of the bungalow, redesign of the entrance area and garden area

2012 - 2013

Demolition of the outbuilding, new construction of a residential and utility building with integrated wellness area, restoration of the vaulted cellar

2013 - 2014

Creation of a feel-good path (barefoot path) with Kneipp basin and sandstone bench
Design of the outdoor facilities, renovation of the main building’s roof insulation


Completion of the unique sandstone room with rock miniatures of Saxon Switzerland, landscape painting and Bullerjan® stove


Renovation of selected guest rooms and guest bathrooms


Expansion of the property through the purchase of the “Laasenidyll” property (formerly “Ferienidyll”)
Modernization of the outdoor pool and outdoor facilities as well as renovation of the “Laas’n’saal”


Extensive renovation work in the bungalows and family rooms on the “Laasenidyll” property, renovation of the sanitary installations in the “Laas’n’saal”

2019 - 2020

Renovation of selected guest rooms and bathrooms


A new tenant takes over the business. The Laasenhof gets its well-deserved name: Laasenhof Resort. This is accompanied by design changes to the restaurant, some rooms and the reception area. Renovation of some areas.