Discover the Sandstone Room – an event location for very special moments!

Enter a room unlike any other, where history and modernity melt together to create a unique ambience. Our exclusive Sandstone Room is the perfect place for unforgettable events and special occasions. With its unique architecture and the charm of sandstone, every moment in this room is a true experience.

Our Sandstone Room is made from original Saxon sandstone, which has a rich history and a unique patina. Each stone tells its own story and lends your event a special aura and elegance. In keeping with its origins, a number of stone formations such as the Barbarine, the Nonne and the Prebischtor were sculpted by master craftsmen. Artistic painting meets masterful sculpture. Whether you are planning an intimate wedding reception, a birthday party, a corporate event or an anniversary, this event location will enchant your guests.

The versatility of the Sandstone Room makes it possible to celebrate a wide range of occasions. With its spacious and flexible design, you can arrange your event according to your wishes, be it an intimate celebration in a small circle or a special contract signing as a corporate event. The sandstone radiates a natural warmth that makes the room cozy and inviting. Your guests or business partners will immediately feel at ease and remember their time in this extraordinary room.

Your event should be as unique as you are. Our Sandstone Room is just that – a unique backdrop that will make your event unforgettable. Give your occasion that special touch that will make it unforgettable. Contact us to reserve our Sandstone Room for your event. Experience the magic of sandstone and create memories that will last a lifetime. Welcome to the Sandstone Room – where elegance meets uniqueness!