We offer you the perfect opportunity to celebrate your special day appropriately. Our event hall can accommodate up to 60 people indoors. The terrace can also be used, as well as our large garden area. Smaller family celebrations become unforgettable memories in the conservatory of our restaurant, in our unique sandstone room or in our cozy wine cellar.

Catch Cobra

The Indoor and Outdoor Escape Game for Families, Friends and Team Events

Dive into an exciting adventure that takes you through our picturesque resort while keeping you entertained in all weathers. Our puzzle game combines exciting challenges with the freedom of outdoor play and the coziness of indoor activities, so you can have fun at any time of year.

Outdoor and indoor adventures:

Explore our beautiful gardens while solving tricky puzzles and challenges. Collect clues and uncover secrets that will lead you to exciting discoveries. Use your skills and creativity to overcome the challenges and enjoy the breathtaking surroundings. Catch Cobra can also be played indoors in case of bad weather.

The Story:

The notorious master thief Hektor has been spotted nearby. Hektor is an internationally wanted criminal and has already stolen luxurious pieces of art all over the world. Countless teams have already failed in their attempts to catch Hector. Only your special unit can stop him with excellent cooperation.

How it works:

Equipped with an iPad and an exciting puzzle pack, you go on an adventure and get to know the surroundings in a fun way. Solve tricky puzzles together, which will put you on Hektor’s trail. With every puzzle you solve, you get closer to Hektor and unlock further stations. Will you manage to catch him or will he pull off his heist unscathed?

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience that will challenge your mind and all your senses.

Catch Cobra Outdoor Escape Game Rathen